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Farts of an infovore

Weaponizing sex toys for revolutionary struggle

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Tr*nny might have been the last word many trans women, especially those from extremely oppressed groups, hear before being kicked to death in the head. One can shrug and say that wasn’t Ru Paul’s extent of purpose in entertaining the Logo status quo; but it takes a particularly privileged stroke of naivety to somehow conceive these slurs as bubbles floating outside of the space-time continuum of trans women being systematically shunted into the abject and abused to the limits.
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  • The Internet is a social entity. It is made of people. Nations are also made of people; the same people. All people, once become digital, have a split identity; they will act at once for the Internet and for the State. This conflict will play out inside them.

    I am not anti-social, I am selectively social. 

    I only talk to people. ironically, this precludes 99% of the population.

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    Will You Help Me Take Two Abusive Men Down?


    I would like to bring an issue to your attention and ask for your help, if you’d like to aid me in ridding YouTube of aggressive men that want to use sexual humiliation and harassment as a punishment for women that talk about feminism online. 

    Please turn your attention to a couple of the comments I have recently received on my YouTube channel. Now, hate is nothing new, and I am fully prepared for it, but I find these attacks particularly disturbing.



    Needless to say, I am not the girl in the video. I say girl, because the person in this clip seems disturbingly young. 

    (Regardless of that, even if I was, consensual sexual behaviour does not somehow negate the opinions of a woman and I despise people that try to use sex to shame women and shut them down.)

    It’s quite disgusting, I think, that sex is being used as a weapon here, as something violent and punishing, and this on a video discussing rape no less.

    I would like your help in getting these two foul creatures off YouTube, and you can do this by reporting them or even commenting on their channels. 

    Here are the links you will need: 

    SLENDERCOLBERT's channel

    DAARIONAHARIS97's channel

    Let these two disgusting excuses for human beings know that this is not acceptable, and that we won’t stand for it. 

    I am utterly fed up of the misogyny feminists receive online, but the fact porn is now involved, makes this sexual harassment. 

    Thank you for your time. Please reblog this and help if you can.

    The internet will be a better place without men like this.